will grouper eat chromis

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i have a school of 9 blue green chromis. Will a school this big deter a spotted grouper from eating them?
I dont think so. When the grouper is big enough to eat them, it will.
How big is the grouper now? It will consume any fish it can put in its mouth. I have witnessed it at a friends house. :cry:

I had one that size and it grew pretty quick to about 6-7" before I gave him away. Some are less of a problem and if you feed it every day they might servive for awhile but they will be eaten at some point. Mine after I gave him away killed and ate part of a 5-6" tang and other very large fish.

I was feeding it 4" minows and it would swollow them as soon as they hit the water, sometimes jumping up to get them.

good luck
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