Will my platy EVER give birth??

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Apr 18, 2011
British Columbia, Canada
My tank has been up and running for almost 8 weeks and I'm pretty sure all the females are preggo but this one has been pregnant forever. She is huge! Any reason why she might not be dropping? Any suggestions on how to make her more relaxed? The boys won't leave her alone and she hated the breeding trap. I'm sure it's been more than 28 days. Any suggestions? :confused:
I've got a white cloud who's doing the same thing... Been preggers since we got her (Even has dropped a few eggs, early on) but now she's just holding on to them. I'm half afraid she's going to pop!
Its frusterating for sure, my daughter had a fish that did this, a molly though and huge forever, one day she was smaller, no fry, no eggs I dont know what happened!!!

GL Angela, ~~~~labor vibes~~~~ for Millie :)
I have the same problem have two females that have been pregnant for ages. They've dropped a few baby's from time to time and we net them out but neither will just drop them all. The boys harass them constantly. Tried moving them to a breeding net and tried the breeder box for a few days. They just sit there and poop. After three or four days I move them back to the tank. I don't think they could possibly get any bigger.
I have a Platy that has also been pregnant a loooong time. I don't really know what I'm doing, so, those of you who have had successful fry births: HELP!!!! I just put her in a breeding box today, and I'm worried that I either put her in too soon, or that I might have over stressed her. I have pictures of her to help you see the situation better.

I've had 3 platy births and none of them happened in the breeder box. The females hated it. 2 were in the tank and 1 was separated from the other fish with a tank divider. I found the tank divider to be the best route for me because Mommy was way more relaxed and then the babies have a decent area to swim in after the birth. I just took Mommy out after I realized she'd delivered. Your platy is definitely close, she looks pretty big. I noticed that my female's tummy was perfectly flat across the bottom just before she delivered and yours looks pretty round still. It's hard to wait but that's all we can do!! Good luck!! :)
I had a guppy that was pregnant for FOUR MONTHS. she refused to give birth. I didn't know how to raise them at first so I only had two survivors. One is huge and colored for hi age.
This batch of fry that were born may 24, only took her 2 months.
She gave birth to 40+, it's terrifying to think tht they will all survive.
Just wait, if it's her first it might tank a loot of time. At least you won't have any stillborns!
Good luck
How is she doing?


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looks like shes flatening out, should be within 3 days now I would think :)
Tasha said:
looks like shes flatening out, should be within 3 days now I would think :)

Wow! Good call!!!


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Yeah!!! Congrast on the fry!!

Pantherspawn, dont you hate it when they hold them in forever like that!!?? uggg
Tasha said:
Yeah!!! Congrast on the fry!!

Pantherspawn, dont you hate it when they hold them in forever like that!!?? uggg

Yeah she's driving me nuts.. trying to watch to relocate the fry to the fry tank.. but she is a pain and won't drop.. had another platy that showed after her that has 2 week old fry already.
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