Will this DIY work?

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Aug 14, 2012
I got this idea of DIY filter cartridge for the Top Fin Power Filter. The Top fin power filter has a spot for filter cartridges so i thought this might go in.. You need sponge and bio media and if you prefer, some chemical media.
1. Cut sponge to fit filter.
2. Put bio media in mesh bag behind the sponge. For chemical media you will need to cut a slit in the sponge and pour it in.
3. Insert

Will this work?
it might work.. but.. cutting the sponge and getting media in there will be tricky. If it were me, I would cut the sponge to fit, and use media in a mesh bag behind the sponge.. just drop it in there.
Thanks. I'm gonna edit my post now and change it.
What ive done is reuse the frame of the disposable filters. just rip the old foam off and used air filter for like homes, cut to fit and hot glue on. refill with carbon or w/e.
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