xp3 air bubbles

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Sep 2, 2006
Calgary, AB
My Rena xp3 is sending little teeny bubbles into my tank. There were air surges occuring also, so I took everything apart, and made sure that everything is connected properly and restarted. I don't see the air surges but there seems to be an almost steady stream of really really small bubbles. It almost looks like the water is dusty. I don't know if it's my imagination or not but it seems to be a little louder too. Any ideas?
Did you try rocking it gently back and forth?

Mine did that for a day or so until I tilted it. Suddenly a big air bubble escaped.
Sounds like air is trapped in the unit. I'm not farmiliar with the design of the XPs but on my Cascade there is a priming "button" on the top. When air gets trapped I just press the priming button repeatidly until the air bubbles stop.

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I have an XP2 and XP3 on my 75.

One of the two will usually get this air bubble after filter servicing.
Well, rocking it definitely caused some air surges to happen, but it didn't clear up the problem of the teeny tiny bubbles coming out constantly...
It is making my water look cruddy... :(
Well, I unplugged, emptied, re-primed, waited and started up again and I successfully seem to have made it much worse.
No, but it's pretty easy to prime. You just fill the intake tube with water and then connect and it fills itself from the tank.

My filter has become noisier than ever. This is horrible.
I'm assuming it's new? Sometimes they need to break in a bit.

Also, make sure there's no source for the bubbles. Do you have an airstone near the intake where it could be ingesting bubbles of air?

My newest XP1 blew bubbles like you're mentioning for a few days, which aggrevated me to no end, but now it's clear, except after any servicing or resetting the unit it will blow bubbles for a few hours.

YOu can also open it and make sure the o-ring that runs around the lid is seated in the groove properly. There may be a small gap somewhere that it's getting air from as well.
It is about 5 or 6 months old, and I don't run an airstone at all. I will take everything apart again. This is getting really annoying. Just when I thought it was being quiet, it started whirring again.
I would look at the intake tubing going into the unit and see if any air bubbles are noticable. You may have a leak on the inlet side which would allow for a buildup of air.
Try this. Unplug the unit. Open the priming cap, and cover with a double layer of saran wrap, then replace the cap. Maybe you have a leak around the threads of the priming cap.
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