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Apr 1, 2006
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So I just turned on my XP3 for the first time, and i noticed around the intake on the tank where the clear tubing connects there is almost like a small space of air that the water creates as it is sunctioned in, it is creating tiny little bubbles everyonce in awhile, I listend at the intake tubing and no air is being sucked in, am I doing something wrong and will these little air bubbles hurt my filter? Also I couldnt get the tubing the 2 inchs onto the intake and exhaust parts, is that going to be a problem?
sorry for the delay in a reply.

XP filters do have a tendancy to get air built up. On a new filter, the lack of slime coat on the inside of their ribbed hoses makes it easier for air to get trapped. It'll go away in time.

One tip I have for all XP filter owners, is burping the air from it. You'll find that you might get an inch of airspace at the top of the filter sometimes, especially us planted, CO2 injecting people.

If you see it, simply unplug the filter for a moment. Press down FIRMLY on the lid, and unlock the two front hinges. VERY lightly release pressure on the lid so the air can be pushed out from the lid seam from the water's force. It only takes a second or two at most. Then press down hard again and relock the latches. Plug the filter back in.

How far did you get the tubing on? I'd go for 1.5". its not a lot of pressure though so as long as the hosed can't be snagged by something or easily pulled on, they're not gonna fly off.
thanks lone and two, I burped my xp3 today for the first time, so far nothing is leaking and im hoping to get my heater and biop media soon so i can actually start cycling.
I think that was malkore and two, and not me, lol.

But anyways, I do have XP's as well, an XP2 and an XP3. Haven't had any problem with airlock, and mine does spit out a lot of O2 on occasion, when my plants are pearling. Which biomedia are you getting?
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