Yes, im getting a 29 gallon!

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I think hatchetfish will work and I quite like them myself. I've had bad luck with neon's from petsmart so I would avoid them.
Ok, so gold, or blue


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Ok, here is my stock!
One gold gourami
2 German blue rams
5 neon tetras
3 silver hatchetfish
4 black kuhli loaches
3 Cory catfish
2 otocinclus
Should I add more fish to any group?
In what order should I add my fish and at what rate example ( neon tetras, week one)
Pics of my future fish!


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Are you doing a fish-in cycle? In that case, you should just have a few hardy fish and do not add any more until your tank is completely cycled. It will likely take more than 1 month for your tank to cycle. I think mine took about 6 weeks.
Ah, I wish I had known about fishless cycles before I started my tank!

I'm not sure how long a fishless cycle takes, but either way a cycle is done when it's done. It's more of a when the parameters decide to behave thing than a specific time period thing unfortunately!

I think your stock list will be really cool once you get it all up and running.

I think the idea of adding fish very slowly like folks are suggesting is to give the little mini eco-system of the fish tank time to adapt to the increasing bio-load that comes with having more inhabitants. Sucks to have to wait, but it's better for the fishies in the end. Gives you a chance to closely monitor your parameters as you add fish to make sure everything is going well too.
Ok, I guess it's for the fish!
Thank you, so what was the order of th fish, like which should I add first?
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