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ohio reefer

Aquarium Advice Freak
Oct 15, 2003
dayton ohio
does anybody have any good sites to buy some pods? i need to refurnish my refugium. trust worthy and reliable places i have found are hard to find.


Try Reed-Mariculture.com
I just stocked my tank with 500 tigger pods (marine cope pods) from them.
They made a small error on my credit card - I called them this morning and they called me right back and offered to either refund my money right away or send me another shipment with free shipping. I chose the latter.
They have a large variety of live food including rotifers.
Aquaculturestore.com I have ordered from them recently and they were great to deal with. I only ordered some Copepods for culturing and they arrived promptly. It was a small amount of pods and cost about 15.00 including shipping.
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