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Old 05-20-2013, 06:56 PM   #1
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My First Forum

I have only just joined, as I am very new to keeping fresh water fish. I have two aquariums, one is only a 20 litre tank and the other is 70 litres. I have 2 Platys, 2 Swordtails, numerous Guppys and three Mollys. I really love the Mollys, but I have lost the last three I had. I also have two Clown Loaches as I had a problem with snails, as was advised that they would eat them for me.
This time decided to try one more time. I have only been testing the PH levels, as our local Pet Store has told me that is all that is required. I have taken samples of my water to them for testing, and have been told all other levels are good.
I currently have a gold Molly with red marks on each side of her body towards the back, I only noticed some white marks on her yesterday and now have her isolated in a jug with some salt added, as I am not sure what it is she has or what else to do with her. Any suggestions on how to treat her and also why I don't seem to be able to keep Mollys successfully would be greatly appreciated.
I have also read conflicting reports on whether to add salt to the Aquarium or not, at this stage I have not.
I am looking forward to learning on this forum, as I really enjoy the fish.

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Maybe this will help you...I found it while looking for some other info.


"Looks/sounds like ich.
Usually, you can kill ich with just heat. 86-88 should kill it. Like wiggles said, keep the temp up for a week after the last visible spot is gone. Any given ich treatment only kills one lifecycle of the ich, so you have to treat through the entire ich lifer cycle to make sure that every bit of it has reached the life stage where it can be killed.
Generally with heat, it will seem to get worse before it gets better. That is normal. Just be aware that you will likely see more spots pop up once you raise the temp.
Beneficial bacteria style."
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Hi and welcome to AA.
Just a bit more info needed.
-Firstly, have you cycled your tank before you added fish??
-What way are the fish divided between each tank, how many and which fish are in which tanks??
- How much water are you changing lately???
- Are you adding water conditioner when you refill the tank??
If the lfs advised you to get 2 Clown Loaches in a 70ltr(18g), I would question any other advice they give you. The problem with SOME lfs is unfortunately they are more interested in the sale of the fish than the welfare of it. If they die ->you buy more. Extremely poor practice but unfortunately it does happen. The loaches need at the very minimum a 55g and for 2 a 75g. You can get away with it for now, if they are really small but you are going to need rehome them pretty soon.
You really need your own liquid test kit. Again if it's the same lfs telling you your waters fine, I have my doubts. My guess is there is an issue with your water, high ammonia, nitrites or nitrates. This WILL lead to fish disease and/or death.
Sorry for being the bearer of bad news but now that your here on AA, you will get some proper advice. Whatever your issue is, don't worry, it can be fixed...
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