320g build/journey/experiment :-)

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Apr 10, 2010
BC, Canada
So here I go, I have a lot of work ahead of me. I have to re-enforce the floor, build the stand, build the tank and then connect it all together. Aqua-scape, making some of my own rock. Then cycle the tank and slowly overpopulate my tank. I plan on having a reef setup with a 72"W x 30"L x 39"H with a bottom tank of 100g 60"x18"x24" Lots of lighting 3 x 250w MH for the bottom tank 2x400w MH +2x175w MH + 3x20w LED with a possible moonlight if I can find the kind I'm looking for. (One that turns on every night slightly brighter for 14 days then darker till it's off) Still not sure on the pumps I'm going to use... but there will be 2. No wave makers, power heads, reactors, or protein skimmers. (the 2 pumps will be split into 2 pipes each so it will be like having 4 power heads) I plan on overpopulating my tank to the point of collapse to see if I can find a way to have a dense population of fish. I will be using aragonite oolite sand. I will be posting pictures at least once a month and be updating once or twice a week (maybe more in the beginning) I have amassed a large list of fish... 25 spices 126 total fish (I plan on having schools and I know that the total number of fish will probably be smaller that's what this test is for) I'm ordering my glass today and pouring cement for the foundation of my floor for the tank (will weigh around 6000lbs when finally set-up). I hope this perks your interest and it's something that you will enjoy at least a little, cause I know I will :D
This is where my tank is going to go

This is looking from the outside

This is some of the mess I made while making a foundation for the approximate 6000lbs that is going to sit in the bay window.

It took me about 8 hours to jack the addition up 1" put the 6"x6" beams in drop it back down (fell 1/2" so still 1/2" higher then before to allow for some sinking) mix 1 yard of concrete and pour it into a 1.5" by 10" hole. Now it's done and I'm going to order my glass just waiting on a quote. I also got my 110g tank ready for pickup I found it in the "Buy and Sell" for $150 but I need to re-silicone it I think. More photos in 3-7 days
hmmm 126 fish? lucky!! tagging along :) and bottom tank how are you meaning? is this two tanks or is the bottom tank a sump/refuge?
Dont forget stairs to get in and out. plus flippers, mask and a snorkel. I would love to be in your shoes with a big tank like that in the works. I wish you all the best and good luck.:grab:
Thanks the bottom tank is more a refuge then a sump... going to order the glass tomorrow. Stand will be finished soon.
This is the supplies... but you need to add 3 more 8' 2"x8" boards.

This is the start of my build with my small tank approximately where it is going to stay... I have taken the silicone out of the inside and am going to re-silicone it on Wednesday.

Stand almost completed... still needs some braces on the legs and the 3/4" plywood on the top.

This is another picture of the same state but with my 4 year old helper in the picture to give you an idea of size.

In case there are any questions that people are too shy to ask... my wife is Chinese and I am Canadian of Welsh heritage.
I'm having 2010W of Lighting so a little sunlight wont be a big deal... are lights not trying to imitate the sun...
Yes but true sunlight makes algae go absolutely nuts on the tank area it hits. Plus the temperature can increase quickly if the tank is in direct sunlight. I recommend you get some blinds installed. Nothing fancy, just roll down ones, white (reflects sunlight, less heat), and keep them down when the sun's gonna be hitting the tank.
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