320g build/journey/experiment :-)

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well thats lame they wont sell it to you. and well its good you got it ordered. and how deep of a sand bed are you wanting?
... not sure around 3-4" is what I'm thinking... but thinking usually isn't a safe thing for me to do :p
So what size tank should I use for a QT tank? I would like to be able to hold 5 fish in it at once.
Is money an issue here cause I'd go all out for 5 at once. Around 100G's. Later it can be turned into a frag tank once your DT is stocked. Or another tank. ":lol:
okay... space is more of an issue... how long do they need to stay in QT when moving them into a tank?
Thanks a lot for that it was a good guide... more or less what it's saying is that I shouldn't have a QT tank... "For an effective quarantine, the new inhabitants must be kept for a minimum of one month. I feel so strongly about this that I would tell you not to waste your time if you can't commit to this amount of time." I'm too impatient. So no QT tank for me just the dip and introduce...

LOL j/k I'll be getting one just not sure if I will keep them in that long...
QT's are also good to make sure your fish is eating properly, has no fin damage etc,etc,etc. Not just for illnesses.
Ya that link has it all... I will assess as I go, I just don't think I can wait 1 month... that seems like a long time :p (unless of course they are not eating/sick/injured)
I can understand that but really bear in mind with the amount of fish that are going to be in your tank a disease entering would be disaterous!!
Thanks I plan on taking it as I go... I'm watching the papers and the web for a suitable tank. I still got several weeks before I even get my main tank.
I've finally perfected my recipe and made a bunch of rocks :)

Small kiddie pool filled with DIY rock.

My daughter pointing to the one she made... all I did was tell her the amounts to mix she did the rest.


Finished rock will be posted in a couple of days.
What are you using for a medium for your rocks to sit in? I have another pool I could use but I didn't want to spend more on the filler so I just make another batch every 2-3 days...
i got the pools for 10 each at walmart. and bags of play sand at home depot for like 3 bux per 50 pound bag. but its like 8 bags to fill up the pool. so about 24 bux in sand for a pool. and 7.50 for a 35 gallon cheap trash can at walmart for soaking them. then about 35 cents a pound for the stuff to make the rocks
play sand... you mean silica sand... I wouldn't want that on the outside of my rocks... play sand usually is silica sand and is also high in iron (non kelated... the bad kind) one way to test to see if there is any iron. You take a strong magnet and sprinkle lots of sand over it... again and again... if it starts to get stuff attached it's probably iron. Silica is a main component in the creation of diatoms in case you didn't know.
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