320g build/journey/experiment :-)

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So I had an order for 33 fish... but I only got 12... I was supposed to get 10 hermits but only got 5. Now my tank has too much yellow/orange/red compared to blue/purple/black/green Of the fish that were supposed to come I have 1 black and a school of 15 blue... oh well here is what I got. (so far I haven't had any fish DOA and no acclimation problems)

The hermits (got 5 of 10)

The Dispar Anthis (got 10 out of 15)




Hawaii Flame Wrasse (got both Male and Female)


How cool man. That is just amazing. If I were you, I'd put 40 or 50 hermits in!
They keep getting shorted on my orders... and this last one only had the expensive hermits. I will probably be getting more nassarius rather then too many more hermits.
Really like the wrasses! What else were you meant to be getting?
Black Longnose Tang (1)
Chromis Vanderbilti (15)
Dispar Anthias (15 but got 10)
Hermits (10 but got 5)
What kind of hermit is that? At first I thought it was an electric orange, but it looks different.
It was supposed to be electric blue... but ya they still look cool so it's all good.
Oh wow. It's coming together. Maybe a full tank shot if I may be so bold? I bet it is looking super colourful now!
GoldieLocks1 said:
Oh wow. It's coming together. Maybe a full tank shot if I may be so bold? I bet it is looking super colourful now!

The question is can he fit the whole tank in a frame? ;) just kidding!
I have an electric blue and love it, but it has kind of a weird body. The body is a light blue color instead of striped like the legs.
With a tank that big if you were to get ich, would you be screwed or would itbe less of a problem because you have so much water, I got a scopas tang 2 months ago and everything got ich real bad. Just finally put fish back in the main tank
Water volume has nothing to do with ich, Stress on the fish and time spent close to the sand have way more to do with it. If I got ich I would buy 5 cleaner shrimp... I know I have at least one in my tank right now... I haven't see two at the same time in almost a week... but the other one may have found a new hiding spot. The one that is in a good location is on duty several times a day... My yellow tangs love to go and get "cleaned" periodically throughout the day.
Hinds04 said:
would cleaner shrimp really be affective for ich?

I was wondering the same thing! I don't really think either one has anything to do with the other...but I could be wrong :-/
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