A few Betta questions

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Aug 31, 2015
I went to Petco today because I'm planning on getting a Betta in 1 1/2 weeks and I decided to pick up some supplies. One of the Bettas seemed active and then went very still. Two others did that, too. I really want to get a Betta that at least has 75% + of living.... Are these guys healthy? There were others in Petco that were definitely dead:vader:, and although I'm not getting a Betta this week, I would really like to know how you can tell Bettas are healthy for future reference. So- what can you do to see if the Bettas being sold at a pet store are healthy?? Should I maybe bring a mirror and see if he (I want a male) will flare up? Or wave my finger by him and see if he moves (I know not to tap the glass- well, more like the plastic cup:banghead: ) at all??:blink:

Thank you so much in advance for your answer!

Also, I have another 2 questions:whistle:... Does Petco sell REAL DragonScale Bettas, or is that just false marketing?
And is it true that thick-scaled Bettas can become blind because their scales grow over their eyes?:ermm:

Petco I'm not sure but am sure aquabid does buts it's costi as well they need little more care than the normal strain also take pen, betas are hardy if you find you that notcie the tip of the pen on the glass and react its still live at some point I'll always do that and 99% lived through

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And no if you take good care of nothing should happen naturally they live in pond or sort so the like calm water

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I successfully bred lot of them from lfs different story with anglefish

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I've purchased quite a few bettas from PetCo. I had my last male for over 5 years, just bought a female recently.

I make sure there are no obvious signs of illness (white spots, fuzz, etc) and that it's relatively active (not laying on the bottom). I usually move the cup to a different shelf and see if it responds.
To pick a healthy betta from anywhere, I'd look for clean water and the male having a bubble nest in the container. A nest is a clear sign that the fish is healthy enough to breed. Not that the ones without a nest aren't healthy (I have had many from the chain stores do very well and breed for me) however, when you don't know what to look for, I just prefer getting ones where there is little guessing involved. (y)

Hope this helps (y)
Also, is there a plant that Betta like that will survive in the rocks I use for the floor of the aquarium???:popcorn:
Also, is there a plant that Betta like that will survive in the rocks I use for the floor of the aquarium???:popcorn:

You could easily tuck java fern into rocks and it's very hardy. Bettas also like floating plants.
Java Fern,Anubias, moss, and bolbitus don't need any ferts and can survive under low light
Frogbit is a low light plant as well

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