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Jun 26, 2017
Las Vegas
Hello Everyone!!!

I have been lurking your forum for a while now and I finally brought myself to register, and I thought I would introduce myself.

I have been a member on several different hobbyist forums in the past, and must say that this seems like a lovely group of people with a lot of valuable information to share.

Years ago I worked at a very nice LFS in California and was very deeply involved with the hobby myself for years... but steered away from keeping fish to keeping reptiles of all sorts of reptiles for quite a while, and have since left that. A recent gift from my father to my 1 year old daughter, has pulled me back into the aquarium hobby, and once again the bug has bitten me. It has been over a decade since I have kept any sort of tank, so I feel like a newb all over again. Lol

I look forward to being a part of this community, and continuing to mine the treasure trove of information that is to be had here. Thanks for having me!

See you on the boards! :fish1:
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