Any luck with Pygmy Angels?

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Jul 23, 2003
Anyone with a reef had good luck with any Dwarf Angels? Specifically a Pygmy, Flameback, or Fireball. But any if you have. They are so pretty, but I don't want coral nippers, and I have a feeling that I better steer clear. But anyone had any good luck from one?

I have kept both c. argi (cherub angel) and C. aurantonotus (Brazillian flameback) in a reeg with no problems whatsoever. I kept C. acanthops for a short period before it started eating my corals, Lemon Peels are notorious coral nippers (I learned the hard way) and every flame I've had has been a nipper.
I've got a flame angel that I've had for about 3 months now. I've also got a few frilly and polypy corals like flowerpot, anthelia, fox coral etc. So far so good, I still have my finger's crossed. 0X
Are your fingers crossed for your flowerpot or your angel??



Sorry, I just couldn't resist.
Well the fact that one might nip at corals is kind of more fish specific than anything else. At least thats my impression.

I have a coral beauty that I have had for at least 3 years now and AFAIK it has not taken to eating any corals I have.
I have a Cherub *and* a rather large and pugnacious Coral Beauty in the same tank for quite awhile.

They'll nip at each other, but never a coral or mushroom. I have seen the Cherub nip at feather dusters though.

Luckily both fish are exellent eaters, and generous, read* frequent small feedings, tends to keep them from misbehaving. My Coral Beauty is actually quite a pig and will basically devour anything that hits the water. I thought my S American chiclids were masters at begging....these guys are worse.
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