Anyone buy from before?

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Dec 7, 2004
Long Beach, CA
I need new PC bulbs for my JBJ 2x96w and have been unable to find any at my LFS.

I have found a few well known online sites that carry the bulbs but so far, seem to be the lowest. I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with them.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


This is for a new setup so I will not be killing anything off by not having any lights...all I have is the sand and water in there for now.

Also... = 23.99 for the 36" 96w liniar pin bulb = 37.99 for daylight and 39.99 for actinic

Thanks in advance
Never bought from them. For replacment bulbs I use, found them through other posts on this forum.
I looked at hellolights, but they dont seem to have the 4 pin linear type thats 36" and 96w. These suckers are turning out to be harder to find then I thought.
I have purchased many things from petmeister, and I like the site. It is a bit limited but there prices are competitive. I also get stuff from fosters and smith, they are another big site with lots of stuff even fish and lr on there liveaquaira site. Any way I have had pretty good luck at petmeister.
hey i just ordered some stuff from and my items have been shipped.Ill update you on it when i get the stuff in.I agree the prices are good.

let me know how they do on the packaging and how the bulbs are.

I also found another site with even cheaper bulbs...

I have to call them and make sure that their "linear" pin design will be the right "german snap in" type of connector for my JBJ setup but if it is...I'll be ordring from them.

If anyone has experience with, any input would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry to reply back so slow. the comp went down. I made an order to on the 28th and they just now shipped it on the 4th. Took them 6 days to pack it up and ship it...havent recieved it yet but maybe they were just busy or took the new year weekend off.
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