aqua one tank leaking

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May 25, 2006
My aqua one 620 t fish tank that is brand new is leaking from underneath somewhere. I cannot find the exact spot its leaking from. But it is leaking! Any suggestions, or has anyone else had similar problems?
None of my tanks have ever leaked...if they did and were new,I'd empty the tank and return it.
or has anyone else had similar problems?
I refuse to buy aqua one for the fact that in dealing with their products I have had nothing but trouble. heaters fluctuating 3deg each way (celcius... ie. ALOT) filters stopping and starting, loose impellors etc. all within 1 month of warrenty running out.
I now stick to cheaper brands like resun and weipro, which have been more dependant for me, and incidently have a higher rating.
Please be very careful. My father had a 29g tank that popped (we think since it was on carpet [unstable]) and I came downstairs one day to see fish flopping on a drenched carpet. I would suggest emptying the tank, finding the leak, and if you're not sure how to patch it up find someone who can do so or simply dispose of the aquarium.

I work for a pet store and we have something called RTV (return to vendor). Go back to where you got it from and tell them you want another one and don't stop till you get it. Tell them it was a manufacturer's defect and you'll get your way... Don't stop till you do!
take it back and dont by another aqua anything. Oceanic are the caddy's of tanks. AGA is partners with oceanic and they are good quality. Dont skimp on the tank cause aquas are cheap. If a deal is to good to be true, it usually is
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