Avoiding set-up time for new tank?

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Jan 15, 2012
Dear fellow fish-lovers,

I have a 63 litre aquarium with a pleco and some minnows, the hood has gone and I'm wondering whether to buy either a replacement hood (£63) or an entire replacement (identical) aquarium (£82). So here's the question: if I buy a new aquarium, rather than setting it going for 2 weeks while the nitrogen cycle gets going (which is very annoying!!), can I just transfer across the existing sponges (which should be full of good bacteria etc) and transfer across the same water, and do it all in one day? And if so, should I transfer across the same gravel or could I put in new gravel (which would make the transferral process much easier)?

Thanks as ever for your thoughts, always much appreciated!

Sounds like the new setup is a better deal. Just transfer the gravel, sponges and other media to the new tank. About 20% of the water is enough and you're good to go.
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