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Nov 13, 2003
Hey guys, I just bought an Azure Damsel fish yesterday. He seems to be in good health but is always hiding behind rocks in the same nook. He has not eaten any food yesterday or today simply because he does not come out to eat. Any suggestions on what I could feed him that sinks to the bottom where he is?

Ohh also i do see him eat these little tiny white bugs that are all over my live rock and glass, will that hold him until he becomes comfortable with his surroundings and comes out?

I don't know anything about that specific damsel but, most fish will take a few days to settle in. If he's eating pods, he's not going hungry. You could try to add some garlic extreme to the food to see if you can temp him to eat. Good luck.
What size tank this is and what tank mates you have in there? The thing with these damsels are they not venture out far if you and larger aggressive fishes in this same tank. And besides all that, you just bought the fish and damsels will most the time eat right away.
Like i keep a number of damsel fishes with my eels and a good number of them find a home where they feel safe and would only venture out further if they not been feed for quite some time. This is if you have it in an aggressive tank.
Will eat Pods as mention and flakes and most anything they can on. For that is one of the reasons, or i should say the biggest reason i have then in with my eels and they do a great clean up behind my eels.
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Its a 20 gallon tank and he is in there alone with 4 blue leg hermits. Lately he just hovers about 2 inches above the sand with his gills rapidly opening and closing, that cant be a good sign...
What are you water parameters? Also, what are you using for filtration? What's the temp? I'm sure someone else will come along with more questions for you. But, want to be sure he's not suffering from ammonia or nitrites, or maybe it's a oxygen problem.
Fluff, it sounds as he/she does have a problem with their water or both, filtration. And Fish_fanatic, you only mention about it not fed as yet, not it was having any difficulties breathing.
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Ammonia - 0.25 ppm
Nitrite - 0 ppm
PH - 8.2
Nitrate - 5 ppm
Temperature - 76 degrees
Filter - emperor 280
Skimmer - Red Sea Prism Skimmer
no powerheads (I do have one spare one, should i put it in? Its an Aqua clear 201 I belive)

Now, how would I know if it is an oxygen problem, and how would I correct this problem?

By the looks of it, your fish is suffering from the ammonia in the system. I would suggested doing a 50% water change to try and lower that number. Sounds like your tank is cycling and it's very hard on your fish.
And, I would suggest adding a ph
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