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Nov 25, 2009
boston MA
Hey guys, First post.
I'm planning on adding a basement sump to my 90G reef setup. Its got a berlin protein skimmer with a 15 gallon amiracle wet dry. the bio balls have been removed to reduce nitrates and it just serves as a sump now. the tank is lit with 2 150w MH I've got 120 lbs of live rock and several soft corals and a large pagoda cup. The tank houses four fish a five inch yellow tang, a large clown and two blue damsels.

Ive drawn up a plumbing plan im looking to add a 55G tank to the loop along with a 20g refugium which will both be contained in the basement. I have a 100gpd RO/DI unit that is plumped into a 44g drum with a float valve pumped into a saltwater mixing chamber to make water changed easier. the pump will have to handle 14 feet of head and split into three outlets at the top. You guys have any recommendations for pump size or brand and any tips or tricks regarding basement sumps?

-Thanks wherearepeople


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Welcome to AA!
Your drawing is a little to small to make it out exactly, but it looks overly complicated to me. The main issue I see is you are trying to use 2 pumps? The chance of matching them up so 1 section doesn't run dry might be quite the task. I would suggest you put everything inline and run it all off 1 pump.
its not as complicated as the digram makes it seem. it's just a two tank system with a protein skimmer fed refugium. and the second pump is just for pumping freshly mixed sw into the system
i use to have a smiler set up i had a 120gal with the sump in the basement, w/a 75 gallon sump, i use a mag 24 for the 2 returns, it worked great, i still have the mag 24 if your interested, hoped i helped
i paid $200 for the pump, the prop needs replaced, i this is like $20. i will take $80 for it shipped or best offer
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