Bleaching Candy Cane

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I'm afraid to buy a new one he turned completly white than started go get color back but now it looks burned so I believe it is the dead tissue. I tried everything even had him in dark shade for a day or two
Well, I did some rearranging once I found the minor leak in my tank. I now have my CC and my 2 SPS 8 inches below my lighting. As it stands, I don't want to go any higher as it would mess with flow and i'm affraid it would burn them.
Even so. I'm using 8x 54 watts per side over my tank and I have acropora about 10" from the surface right now and it's loving it.
So, if i redo the entire aquascape of my tank into a large mountain out of a corner I might be able to pull it off...but I'd be worried about all the crap I release into the system that has layered itself around them.
Just keep a water change ready for when you are done. Either that or add another piece of rock to the top.
Moved some rock around. It looks so awful, but I have my german blue polyp, orange capriconis, and candy can frag 5-6 inches from light. much higher and they'd be out of the water.
Yeah kinda. I think they will like being so far up in my tank until i get all my issues addressed. Im more concerned about the cc since it started bleaching from the bottom.
Well...German Blue Polyp is dead. Pretty unhappy about that. It would have been fine if the ati and fiji bulbs I ordered would have fit my T5HO. CC is almost fully bleached, don't think lighting was the issue since it bleached from the base up. My orange Capricornismight have some life left in it...but I'm not keeping my hopes up. Even my polyps are retracted. Really, really frustrating. My orange ric and my 2 duncans are doing great though. Still growing. My moonbrain is doing good too...thankfully. Going to use my tax refund to pick up a 55 gal setup if I can find one for the right price and use the leftover to get the 6 bulb T5HO that I wanted. Hopefully that will fix my issues with corals. I'll fix the minor leak in my 36 gal and turn it into an ATO. Sigh.
Your parameters have to be off. Either that or fluctuating at night. Light, or lack of isn't killing the corals over night.
Yeah im at a loss. My tests are on point. My salinity is a tad high, but i just got my refractometer and im slowly lowering it. Im at 1.029 and dont want to lower it again for a couple days so i dont stress out whata doing well.
I'm losing an encrusting montipora I spent 100 bucks on . It turned brown and now is bleaching. It looks like its in bad shape. Only thing I can think of is it had to much light but I moved it to lower light. My alk is up around 10.5 so I Di t know if that's it. Sucks when they go south
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