Bleaching Candy Cane

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Giant Clam Addict
Nov 18, 2011
Summerville, Pennsylvania
So, I've had this candy cane frag with my first set of coral put into my tank. I have had it at every level possible in my tank. Its entire base is heavily bleached now and I am at a loss for what to do for it. All of the other corals in my tank are doing great, lots of growth. About a month ago my softies went toxic on each other and none of them survived. Currently at work, so no access to my current parameters or a picture. Will post upon arriving at home.

Any ideas in the mean time would be great. Thanks.

Here is a pic with my CC in it. Far away, but can see the bleaching. Any ideas?
I've had it up to 8 inches from the light with no help. That is not its real home, just moved in after a week of being under 8 with no improvement. Was thinking it was to much light so it is 9 inches away currently.
Most Lps are not high light. I would try it down near the sand bed. I would also try to feed it after the lights go out.
That is just its current placement. It was much further down when this all began. I thought about feeding it after lights out, but it never seems interested. I'll try it again though, never know. Only place it hasn't been is in the sandbed, give it a shot and try feeding again.
Yeah, I ment 24. It is a 4 lamp unit. I just can't type or think when I'm at work it seems. 2 are 10k and 2 are actinic. The moonlight LEDs don't do anything and are just for show.
It has been in my tank since late November. I have in my tank a moon brain, 2 duncans, a ric, and had zoas that I traded to a friend. They are all doing well. My new additions came in last week which added a bubble coral, various polyps, a german blue polyp, and an orange capricornis. They were supposed to all be going under new lights, a blue plus, aquablue special, fiji purple, and a coral plus...but I ordered 36 watt going off of the 31 watt doesn't exist concept... I'm starting researching a new fixture that will house the 39 watts that I have sitting in my living room that I can't use. It would be nice to use my blue +, aquablue special, fiji purple, and coral plus since they are great bulbs and I am unsure if I would even want to try to return them. Input on fixtures would be great at this point...might upgrade to a 6 bulb unit? The fixture having moonlighting on it would be great...if not needed. Not only gotten quite used to it, but most of my time at home revolves around lights being off currently.
Also, if you can tell me what to do with this...that would be great. I'm considering just buying a new light fixture. I'd be able to use my 39 watt bulbs then.

I have never seen a 31 watt T5 lamp. They must be trying to make fixtures that you have to buy bulbs from them for. interesting.
Yeah... in all my running around and overtime from work I even confused myself on if thats what I had or not. I'm still concerned about the candy cane, since a solution to the issue might not be enough to help it out in time. What would you think about moving it into my sump under my nano glow LED?
I have my candy canes on the bottom of my tank just above the sans bad in low flow under metal halides. It eats like a beast but I don't know why urs would be bleaching under t5. I had a brain bleach in my tank but I wondered if not feeding it was the problem. I don't know if that could cause bleaching
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