Breeding German Blue Rams? Tips please.

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I have a male gold ram and a female gbr that have paired up. I noticed them both digging in the sand a few days ago. They have made several pits in the corners of the tank. The females belly became very fat so I'm sure she may lay eggs in the coming days. My only concern is she may lay them right in the sand, should that be ok? Also how long does it take for eggs to hatch?
Maybe this will help. I have the breeding right now as type this. They're laying eggs on black slate supported by holy rock. Temple plants all around it. Theyre is also a very large aponegetean, mid size natural colored gravel, 350gph h.o.b. filter. 30 watts of lights. Its a 20gl tall tank. Hope this helps good luck.



Jjensen, sand shld be fine for them to lay in. And abt 72hrs give or take seems abt how long befor they hatch.
They can be great parents and they can be bad parents usually wild caught are better parents than tank raised. It's like angelfish man has been taking the eggs away for so many generations scientist believe we are destroying the fishes instinct to raise fry successfully. That's the problem with most rams you find in pet stores. I let mine learn to raise their young and in turn the young learn the trait from their parents some studies show and in turn grow up to have stronger parental skills themselves . I've seen this theory in my own tanks thru the years and I believe it to be true as well. From your pics they look like they will be spawning soon:)
adadkins1 said:
Man maxwellag, I wish my Rams would've bred. Good luck on raising the little kiddos!

Cobaltskyy said:
how are the eggs? any fry yet?!

The eggs were not good... They were white. I think they ate them. LOL. But atleast now I know that they are a pair. They are very young so that's why I think the eggs were not good.
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