Bristlenose breeding tips

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I think a few look orange, just stop worried about it, cuz if you worry about them all goin bad, then theyll all go bad! So just relax, and let the nice daddy do his job, because it in his genes and instinct to know what to do ^^
Thanks water man. Had a look just then. Day 7 still no hatching unless they are hiding behind the eggs. How long will it take for the clump to disappear and just have wringers there once they hatch?
Eg. Bad eggs and egg shells heading the filters way. (seen 4 white eggs floating in tank today)
It has been abort 7 years since I passed my Bristlenose breeding colony along to another aquarium club member. So the amount of days escapes me. When i was spawning them the main male owned a cave in a piece of bogwood. I could not see into it too well, so I just let it happen. I did see a few of the others use a pvc, but by the time they were spawning, it was a constant cycle of fry in the tank. I was selling bags every month in the monthly meeting auction.
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