BTA dying??

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Apr 8, 2021
So my tank has been up for six months now and three months ago I got a bubble tip anemone for my clown fish to host in. They have all been doing great until a week ago when my anemone suddenly curled up like in the picture below and has been like that for several days. I have fed the anemone Mysis shrimp and I have done a few water changes since I noticed that they were curled up. They have also been moving to a different spot on their rock every night . My pH is at 8.0, my ammonia, and nitrite levels are zero and my nitrate levels are about 20ppm (I am doing more water changes to lower this). My lighting is a 25 watt overhead LED spectrum light fixture. I have a 36 gallon tall fish tank with both live and fake rock, along with two black clown fish, an emerald crab, and four snails. My tank did just have a small random die off of the previous Emerald crab, a blue damselfish, and a shrimp. But I did a large scale water change and watched for any spikes. I do dose both iodine and calcium in my tank and the iodine gets dosed every other day and the calcium gets dosed twice a week. I would think that it was something in the water, however, I had to recently put my fiancé‘s carpet anemone in the tank and it has been just fine. I will include a picture of them too. I just really want to know if I need to remove this anemone or can I potentially save them? Please help!!


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For starters, clownfish do not need anemone. Both are just fine without the other.
Can you show us what your light is? That really doesn't mean very much to me.
What are the current parameters? Why are you dosing, there isn't enough in that system to have enough of a draw on parameters to need dosing of calcium, let alone iodine. It takes an extreme amount of SPS corals to draw to the point of needing to dose over what will be easily managed via water changes in your system.

So, make sure you are using ro/di water. Do a couple large water changes no more than 50%, too much of a good thing can be a shocking stress as well. Check the parameters and see how its going. I want to point towards the lighting, I see an anemone that requires intense lighting stressed out and another that doesn't need as strong lighting doing just fine. Most likely related.
Sounds like a lighting issue to me. Bubble tips need a lot of light and stability. It looks bleached/very stressed. Adding iodine every other day probably isn’t helping as it is a trace element that is not used by corals very quickly. Like hank said no need to dose calcium either. It sounds like a combination of lack of lighting and out of whack elements to me.
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