Can Guppy/Molly Hybrids happen?

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Jan 16, 2009
I have heard that these hybrids can happen but I wonder if it has actually been proven or if people are just assuming that it must have been what happened.

I ask this as i bought new guppies and mollies today and my male lyre tail guppy would rather chase after my orange female balloon molly rather than the female guppies.

Any thoughts?
It's possible, but it's rare to get them to breed. My male lyretail trys to breed with my male orange balloon molly too lol.
Platy and swordtail are both xiphophorus, Molly and guppy poecilidae. But somebody on here told me that the genus didn't matter it can still happen.
i actually seen them live once but my question is are the hybrids sterile??? i had that question due that if donkeys and horses mate they get mules which are sterile and wont the fish come out the same
I believe they are sterile yes but can't confirm this. Natures way of preserving the genes I suppose!
I'm pretty sure those are not hybrids. They just look like a mix of balloon and regular mollies to me. From what I've read about the actual reproduction aspect of these two species is that they don't physically 'fit' together, so it's not likely to be something that'd work outside of a laboratory, let alone some random guy's fish tank.

This combined with the well known fact that livebearer females store sperm for multiple spawnings (i.e. they stay pregnant for several months at a time, almost always 'pre-hit' before they are bought) , the whole thing is extremely unlikely.
After watching the video again, the molly at around 8 seconds looks interesting because it looks like a blue mickey mouse platy in coloration but it definitely looks like a molly. So now I'm kind of stumped myself, it could be, but then again it could also just be a blue balloon molly.
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