Caribbean theme tank.

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Aug 29, 2004
Miami, Fla
I know that I wrote a post identical to this one before, however no one responded. So although its very bad etiquette to repost, I'm very impatient.
Well now, do you know any good caribbean species of fish that I can use in a 50 gal tank. :?:
chain link eel
golden moray
chalk bass
peppermint basslet
maybe brazlian gramma {not quite carbian}
blackcap basslet
yellow head jawfish
carabian longnose butterfly
cherub angelfish
sergant major damsel
jewel damsel
redlip blenny
atlantic blue tang {may outgrow tank}
spiny puffer

all these are good carbian choices, NOT ALL WILL GET ALONG, so choose carefully good luck
Wow thank you. How did you find that? I've caught seargent majors on hook and line, but would not put one I caught in my tank.
Remmeber Im a noob so I can't handle some of them. Do you think the black cap basslet is a good idea?
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