chip in tank - dangerous?

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Aug 24, 2007
Hello all,
I have a 55 gallon glass tank. It got hit with a wooden block and now has a small chip on the inside of the glass, about halfway down. How big a deal is this? Is it an "OMG, replace the tank tomorrow or risk losing your floor!"? Or more of an "Eh, if it hasn't broken yet, it should be OK for the foreseeable future."?

If it's pertinent, I don't know how old the tank is... wait, yes, I do. The assembly tag inside was from 1997 but I bought it from craigslist.

Any thoughts appreciated,
Thank you,
I would look into replacing it but you should be ok for now , however I can not say that with 100% accurcy , I would not worry too much but I would start thinking of replacment at some point ... :)
How deep is the chip?
You might want to look into the stuff they use for auto windshields stars. If it is reef safe you may be ok. Otherwise I'm not sure I would risk using it.
it is an epoxy however it is more for cracks or starburst cracks than chips ,it will not fix it to the original lustur and they do recommend that it is just to stop the crack from spreading further ,and it is not a guarentee to do so , and that it should be replaced at the soonest time possible , you may beable to try it depending on how far down the pannel the chip is .You can also call a windsheild repair co as they have a diffrent kit that may work but I am not sure they would come out or require you to bring it in or even if they would touch it with a 10 foot poll as they do not want the liabilty of a busted tank and ruined floors ect ... It needs a dry clean area to use and to clean it you use rubbing alcohol to clean which will be toxic to the tank if any runs into it ,it takes about 48-72 hours to completely cure and would not be a total guarentee that it is fixed permantly ... I would just continue to work on a replacement with new warrenties in tack. :)
I would think also of replacing the glass or tank. The chip will lower the integrity of the glass causing maybe a break down the road.
Or for a cheaper solution, just replace that side of the glass....which side is it on?
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