Choc Chip Starfish

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Jun 5, 2007
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I have been reading that Choc Chip Starfish can kill snails and small fish. Since I have both in my aquarium would it be a good idea to return the Starfish to my LFS. I asked the guy at my LFS about this specifically and he said the only thing I have to worry about is other fish attacking the starfish. I don't want to have to keep replacing my cleaning crew.
I dont think they will go after crabs or fish unless the fish is sick . Snails OTOH may be ... if this is for a reef tank then you will need to def need to get rid of the CC star as they ae not reef safe .
Like most stars...the CC is an opportunistic feeder. It is very possible it will eat whatever it gets on top of. While they do actively "hunt" like a preditor, they will certainly eat whatever meals come their way. CC are also climbers. They tend to move over the rockwork in a tank and cause rock slides if your LR is not stable. Personally, I would get rid of it.
I`m assuming since this is in the FOWLR forum then you wont be having any corals. We are OK there but I`ve never had mine go after crabs or snails. I`m sure though that anything is possible.
just to add my experience with a CC, I had a number of snails and fish in my tank. I also had a lobster and I found the CC eating most things in my tank. I turned the light on one morning and the CC had the lobster on it's back eating it's tail. I'll never get another one. Just my $0.02.

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