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May 5, 2014
Ps. That should say "Tank" in the title lol.

Ok so here's my latest thought on what I'd like to do with my tank. We are moving all the coral from my 29G (which has been running for 7+ months) all over to a 75G we are in the process of setting up.

My question is - I am left with a 29G tank with clowns, live rock, and sand.. so the most obvious thought is.. BTA's :D

I'd love a few large BTA's in my tank. I'm just wondering if it's possible. Can I have two or three large BTAs safely in my tank? Can they coexist do they have to be away from each other or can they touch?

I know they're tricky to keep because I've had one before and they are finicky but Im going to start with one. (I'd actually be satisfied with just one, just wondering if more are possible)
Yes, you can keep a bunch of anemones in a 29 if you like. Just keep the water clean, and they will be fine together.
Awesome! I think that's my plan. I don't want to overcrowd it with BTA's but just a few would be nice.

And to clarify they don't mind touching each other or do I need to be cautious of that?

Can't wait for the 75G to be done now to move my corals over and get started on this!

First step is to wrap the power heads in a thin sponge!! Lol

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No, they are fine touching each other. As for powerhead wrapping- if your anemones are happy they will not move.
Keeping multiple BTA's in a 30 would be fine. +1 on Mr_X, keep good water quality and shouldn't have a problem. They will flourish in a take with good water params and under 5 nitrates (0 is better of course).

As for the keep them happy and they won't move...can't say that's my experience. BTA's are known to move without rhyme or reason. I have a Rose bubble that has stayed put since first introduced about 8 months ago, but my long tentacle moves quite a bit, although it has stayed put for the past 2 months now.
Not the ones I have kept. I have one rigth now that's been in the same place since a day after I added it.The same goes for many others I've kept over the years. If an anemone inflates and bounces around, it's because they are looking for a better spot, and nothing else. They don't just become buoyant and float around to explore.
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