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Aug 12, 2012
Smyrna, GA (Atlanta)
Purchased a hang-on Super Skimmer which fills up my tank with micro bubbles. I've seen videos on YouTube of the skimmer working properly. The diffuser in the main chamber creates bubbles that go straight up. The water being collected comes in from the top and exits out of the bottom.

In my skimmer the bubbles being created just fill up the whole camber and are pumped back into the tank.

Any ideas on how to get this working correctly? I've tried adjusting everything on the skimmer and this doesn't work. I've run it for month to see if it was a "new skimmer/dirty water" problem and this didn't help either.
I have the same skimmer and if I remember correctly it took a week for it to break in and stop all of the bubbles from going in to my tank.
I had same issue I tried every mod I could create. What kind of water are you using and what type of conditioner.
Are you using the hanging box with the spounge that catches the return water that came with the skimmer?
JJ: I am using the return box but it has no effect.

Jacob: I have always just used distilled bottle water from the grocery store. It has always tested fine but do you think that could be causing issues?

I add purple tech once a month too
Possibly I had to start using prime to treat the water in mine. Everything has to be protein skimmer friendly. If the bubble chamber is filling up with bubbles something is making your skimmer over react search your food and everything that goes in your tank for the issue.
This was mine over reacting caused by a bad water treatment additive


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And after I worked out the additive the skimmer works great


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Thanks Jacob. You've given me great advice and I am going to set up a controlled tank to test the skimmer. First i'll start with the store bought water I use, then add the additives, foods, etcetera to see if I can recreate the problem. Then I'll change that in my main tank, which I am sure will be a long process but it will be a fun project. Thanks for the hope!
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