Crayfish Eggs

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Jan 6, 2012
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Hi everyone, Iam new here..I recently got an aquarium so i think ill be asking alot of questions.

One the the things i got recently are two small red crayfish (attaching pictures below) and just noticed their both carrying eggs one of them have that clear gel like stuff on their eggs

So I wanted to know how long until they hatch and is it ok to keep them in the same tank? With the babies.

Sometimes i think they fight with each other, at least it looks like they do.

And can someone identify what kind they are?

Thank you.

Hard to say for sure, but based on the picture, I would say it is most likely that you have Rusty crayfish (Orconectes rusticus). The gestation period varies depending on water temperature, but is a minimum of four weeks. While you may successfully raise a few in with the parents, you will have much better luck if the young are seperated once they hatch. Enjoy
Thank you for your answer.
I also wanted to know if its ok to keep them with other fishes like Gold fish?

I just hope they actually hatch. And If I separate the baby crayfish, should I place them in an entire different tank or a mesh breeder will do?

I placed this cave in the aquarium, because they were looking for hiding spots, but wont stay in there. They went in once but didnt stay in..I was wondering why. And also i noticed something like clear gel kinda something near the egg on one of the crayfish, was wondering what that is.

Sorry for so many questions!
Crayfish are an opportunistic omnivore, hence they will kill and eat fish whenever possible, as well as consuming provided food and living plants in the aquarium. While many fish are able to avoid them, they will sometimes become prey when sleeping or unhealthy.

Personally I'd think you would have better luck with complete seperation, but the mesh will likely be of some benefit. I'd be concerned about the adults and larger offspring tearing up the mesh.

Not sure on the cave thing, although mine generally prefer to find a crack or dig out a semi tunnel rather than an actual cave.

A gel-like substances is normally secreted in order to help bind and hold the eggs together, although I can't say for certain this is what you are seeing.

BTW, welcome to AA ;)
Sorry..I have been away for long and alot has changed in my tank (Will update pofile soon.) and the Eggs have hatched!!

The Crayfish I have has never attacked a single fish..I wonder why..maybe its because she has eggs? anyways.

So i kept looking for weeks but couldnt find anything..because they were always hiding. I even had to feed them by placing a tablet close to them in their hiding spot so they would eat. anyways, a few days ago i found one of them just dead. I have no clue what happened. The other one is still in its hiding place.

I had no Idea the eggs have hatched, Until I noticed one small hatchling swimming around when I was cleaning the tank and changing the water..I found 5 of them and placed them and the mother crayfish in a bucket. After sometime there were more hatchling in the bucket than before, and now Iam worried that keeping them in the bucket isnt such a good idea.

I have these aquarium hatcheries (Picture below), is it ok to place them in this with the mother? or without her?


And thank you again for so much help..:)
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IMO I'd separate them from the adult. Most crayfish do not have maternal instincts and would see the hatchlings as a food source.
My crays had babies a couple of months ago and I kept the parents in with the babies. They were in a 20 gallon breeder tank. I didn't notice any of the babies getting eaten and ended up getting rid of nearly 100 of them.

For me, I think the secret was keeping everyone fed so that there wasn't a need to hunt.

Depending how big the goldfish is, I'd keep an eye on it for eating the baby crays.

Thanks, Ive placed them in the hatchery. and they seem to be doing good for now..The mother is letting go of more baby crayfish now.


Ill feed them crushed flakes soon.
I placed the hatchlings and the mother in the hatchery. But then later at night the mother jumped out of it and into the aquarium i guess, and now when I woke up I saw that some of the fish are trying to nibble at it? :( the poor thing lost an eye! I put her back in the hatchery. Most of the babies are not surviving..they seem dead to me..the ones that are moving are transparent more of less but the ones that aren't are reddish. I have no idea what to do to help.

If their all gonna die anyways, what the point? :(
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