Dalmatian Molly question

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May 19, 2022
I keep finding mixed opinions on whether or not a Molly is fine with being the only Molly in the tank. Currently Ms Molly is the only Molly out of the fish I received and if possible I'd like to avoid getting another one because of their bioload, size, gives me less space to give the actual schooling fish who need companions their full schools etc.

I think I have the space to get one other Dalmatian molly if I cut back on the school sizes I had planned for my other fish. I would probably get another female to prevent breeding, but I realize there is a large chance a Molly I bring in from a store will already be pregnant and I could end up with a ton of babies anyways. (Another reason why I don't want another molly). If I should get Ms Molly a friend, and her gal pal has babies, will they eat the babies or will I be swarming with Dalmatian mollies? There will also be neon and ember tetras and cory catfish in there but Im not sure if they will eat the babies, the Molly is very dominant over them and what she says goes.

So basically can I keep my Dalmatian Molly as the only Molly in my community tank and have her happy that way? Or am I doomed to deal with a bazillion Molly babies at some point unless I get lucky and find a non pregnant female.
I have decided not to get any other mollies. The Molly I have is so aggressive that as soon as she saw her reflection in the tank she tried murdering it until I put my hand up to the glass to cover it. And this is her in a 37 gallon tank with only a 4 tiny tetras and a Cory and some shrimp as companions so it is far from crowded conditions right now. So that was a pretty good sign to me that it would not be a good idea to put in another molly with her.
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