Do my zoas need more light??

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Jul 6, 2012
Orlando Florida
I purchased this zoa frag about a week ago. It's growing fast. Already has two new heads on it but they are growing tall which from what I've read, could mean they need more light. It's about as high up as I can get it on the rock. Maybe an inch or so higher is all I can go. My zoa frag about 3 inches away and the same height is doing great. My t5's are on about 8 hours a day. Anything else I can do or will they be ok?


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My zoa frag did the same thing so I moved it up and now the polyp is flush to the rock. Not sure there's much you can do! At Least it's thriving
Zoas do reach like this when they want more light. I have a rock covered in zoas in my sandbed under my radions that are now reaching like this as they continue to grow and are smothering light from one another.
Zoas crave blue spectrum or so I've been told. Are they getting enough of that?

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