Double Metal Stand durability?

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Algae Fighter
May 30, 2006
Birmingham, AL
I have a double metal stand in use with a 29 and 20 long and its held them for awhile.

I'm starting a reef tank soon and I had the idea to get a 3ft double metal stand for a reef tank on top and put another tank on bottom later on for a breeding project. But, I'm starting to wonder if I should have just bought a wooden stand.

The reef tank is a 38g. Dimensions are 36"x12"x19". The tank will fit on the stand, but the stand says its made for 30g tanks (which are just shorter).

Do you think the stand will hold a 38g with live rock?

This is the stand I have: Aquarium Stands & Furniture: Titan Eze Metal Aquarium Double Stands.

Maybe I'm just worried for no reason!
It looks like it is made for two tanks. One of the reviews talks about exactly that, a display tank and a sump under it. Go for it!
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