dsb or bb?

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Dec 21, 2003
Lincoln, NE
I currently have a large crushed coral substrate I did not know any better a year ago. I am trying to decide whether to go with a deep sand bed or a bare bottom. I have been leaning towards a deep sand bed for lots of reasons including feeling safer about a tumbling rock. I am tired of trying to keep my substrate clean and I know that it is a nitrate bomb waiting to explode. I have read another forum where they have removed their dsb and went bare bottom I like the idea for cleaning and eyepleasing nature, however I am concerned about a rock cracking my glass on the bottom and was wondering if there is something that you can put on the bottom of the tank to feel safer about such a catastrophe? One other thing is that I have a mandarin in my tank and was wondering what size of a sump or refugium it might take to keep the pods in the numbers that are currently in there, I can seel him or put him in my other tank if need be. Please give me your oppinion on the matter.
how bout just a sand bed? it dont have to be a dsb, just like an inch or 2? just tossing another option out there 4 ya
Ive been reading up on the same lately and a bunch of people on RC have been using starboard as the bottom. Its basically the same white plastic they make cutting boards out off. Plus it's plastic so coraline will explode on it! It also reflects lighting much better than sand making the tank appear brighter. I think I"m going to do this on my next tank.

The maderin I"m not 100% sure on, but I've heard it's a good idea to have at least 100lbs of LR for one. I would say and size fuge would be better than nothing but I'd try to make it as large as possible with what room you have available. The large fuge will provide a safe harbor for reproducing pods as well as more water added to your system which will help maintain conditions from drastic swings when/if problems arise.
cesspool thnks for the advice I have to have atleast 3 inches to clear my woodwork anyway.

jamal-188 Yeah I have been reading on the starboard a little too sounds great ant idea where they are getting that stuff? I have over 140pds of lr for the mandarin but I see the pods mainly in the substrate. Are you still looking for a clown trigger?
Which ever you choose, it will need to be maintained, and if you know it's limitations it will serve you well. I personally use a shallow layer of sand in my main tank and a 4" DSB in my fuge, if I experiece any problems associated with a DSB going south, I can take it off line fairly easy.

As for your fuge, I would recommend no less than 10% of your tank volume and preferably larger.

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