Easy coral ideas?

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Feb 20, 2011
Any ideas on some easy corals(low light,medium flow,and not very aggressive toward fish/inverts,and dont grow very fast)i know thats a lot of credentials but anybody know of a coral or mushroom or zoa like this?
Frogspawns are a good one I start with. Grow fast and fun to look at.
Ducan is nice and doesn't need much light, most zoas grow slowly for me but my friends tank that is a whole other story. It might just depend on your tank.
Do zoas need high light and do they release toxins wen they die cuz most of the day im at schhol
I keep my zooa's either mid tank or on the sandbed.
they can release toxins but it will not just die one day and nuke your tank, don't worry about that. :)
I like the flowy corals too. lol I have a hammer, torch and a frogspawn. All are fast growers and really eye catching. :)
I would stay away from kenya trees they grow way to fast and seem to lose a lot of branches and start getting out of control.
The donut coral is really nice and fits everything you're looking for sharklover, and it's really hardy too. Didn't think of it earlier.

Ya, the kenya does tend to want to take over.

o_O if you like the flowy ones too wait till you see this purple torch I'm getting tomorrow! Gonna post a pic when it opens all up.
Thanks i want one flowy one to start and then in like another month if i have enough money ill get a more solid like one i really want a blue flowy one thats easy and wont nuke my tank any ideas?
It says "120vac 60hz 20w" model 30pfh" but i have no idea what that means,its also near a tv,gets a little sunlight on one of the top corners,and is near the lamp in my room if that helps, btw the tank is a 37.
Does anybody know and flowy blue corals that can go in my tank and are pretty hardy?
Xenia's are easy, can be a PITA though they grow fast. I have some on a rock that grow faster than I could clip. So I took the rock out drilled holes it and now I put frags around so when it grows out it grows on the frag piecies and then I take them to LFS and get paid, or tade in for other stuff.
No corals at all cuz i just want color is there anything like something that i can feed to supliment light by "easy" coral i meant like hardy but ill take the time to feed it a little so theres nothing?
You might want to check into a light like this 2Ft/4Bulbs fixture It would end up being the cost of about 5 or 6 small frags. Then get the corals.
what is the length of your tank? I have this T5 HO and I love it! Mine is a 48" but I have all kinds of corals growing under it! You also wanna look at different bulb combos you don't want all white
Xenia will die without proper lighting.
A sun coral is non photosynthetic and needs to be fed meaty foods a couple times a week. You can try those-
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