Easy coral ideas?

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Xenia is easy to grow, unless it decides it doesn't like the current or surrounding corals. Mine grows like wildfire in the algae scrubber, but dies in the main display tank. Kenya tree is easy to grow and if you surround it with mushrooms like I have, it stays in check. I like octocorals like anthellia and LPS corals like frogspawn. Green star polyps and most zoas are easy as well.
I don't really know if I've posted in here before...but I always recommend duncans. I had a tank full of corals, most softies...kenya, mushroom leathers, so on... and they went toxic on each other. The only corals that survived was my orange ric and my duncan... my candy coral looks to be on its last legs. Through all of this, my duncan has continued to grow new heads, we are up to 7 now. Rics are also a good choice imo.
Would a frogspawn do okay in a 14 gallon?
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