electric blue ram blind ?

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Aug 6, 2013
Northern Virginia
So I have 3 electric blue rams in my discus tank.. I had 2 originally for about a year but one died I think from old age since they don't live very long I found out.

I decided to go to petco to just check out their fish and she had 3 of them for sale.. I bought 2 since they were $15 each they were babies.. Had em for about 2-3 months now.. I noticed one of them his eyes aren't black/red like the other rams. Its more whitish with redish line in it.. And hes smaller then the others.. Tends to stay by himself hiding in plants and when he does swim around he swims around the edges of the glass mainly and when he gets to a corner he bumps in it and follows that pane of glass.. When he swims in the tank as a whole he tends to only stay on the bottom using the gravel to feel around and bumps into plants and other decorations..

He does eat.. and he knows where the bloodworms tend to pile up at in the tank hes def normal weight just smaller then the other ones.

Soo is this electric blue ram blind ? Its very sad to know such a beautiful fish is blind but he seems to manage fine in the tank, using the walls and substrate to feel around. I feel sad for him though when the others come up to him and pick on him though.. They all pick on eachother but when he gets pecked he swims around but bumps into stuff.

There is defo nothing wrong with my tank, its my discus tank so water changes happen every 2 days and temps are 82-84f and these rams like higher temps and low nitrates
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