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Aug 22, 2012
East Texas
I've decided to upgrade from a 20g to a 55 gallon and i have a few questions about heating and filtration. As for heating i see a 200 watt heater is the right amount of wattage but is one heater going to heat this large of a tank, or do i go with two 100 watt heaters, one on each side? As for filtration I think a 350 biowheel should handle it. I want to try for a natural look with plants and a sand substrate. Not sure if a special filtration is necessary for a sand aquarium... Any suggestions would be helpful.
A 200 watt heater should be fine...just locate it near the middle of the tank next
to the filter outflow. As for the filter size, it really depends on stocking (how
many fish and bioload etc.). Technically the 350 biowheel is enough, but more is
always better when it comes to filtration. I run 2 AquaClear 70's on my 55 gallon.
I have gravel, so I can't comment on sand substrate and special filtration.
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