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Dec 19, 2005
Ontario, Canada
Just want to say thank you to all those who aided me in my last post when my fish started to die.. sadly to say I couldnt save it.. corals, anemones, fish, inverts all gone... unfortunatly this has cost way too much to start over.. but I will try again in the future

Thank You All :)
Terrible news. I am so sorry to hear that. Total tank crashes remain somewhat of a mystery. They do just happen. Revhtree went through one a while back as well. As you decide to rebuild in the future just remember we are here to help.
I went through one as well. I just took things very slowly. Shoot, I am still doing things slowly. The tank is still pretty empty as far as corals go.
Yeah, it's unfortunate but I suppose it just sometimes works that way. I'm not going to give up forever, I'm just a little frustrated that I could not stop it. But like demodiki said, things will be taken slowly.
Very sorry to hear about this. I had hoped you could salvage at least some of it.
Man sorry to hear. :(

Although I didnt loose everything, what I did loose was enough to make you want to quit. I just used what happened to make a better tank. I wish you would reconsider, but if you do not, I hope to see you back in the future.

So sorry for your loss :( SW is still such a mystery to me even after decades of successfully keeping fw/brackish fish. There are just so many variables to keeping a tank “perfect” and try as we may some things are still out of our control. Keeping a proper pwc schedule weekly or monthly and going slow is key in this hobby and I also hope you try again.
You're all absolutely right... its tricky in its own sense... Perhaps I didnt stay on top of things correctly; perhaps wasnt educated enough or maybe it was a complete stroke of luck that it happened. I typically was quite obsessive when it came to the life of my tank; it felt like losing a close friend in a sort of way. Im not going to quit though, I don't like giving up... I WILL! succeed at it, but i'm just going to learn more before I attempt it again.
That's too bad...and almost a little scary! Is it possible one of your corals released a toxin? What could possibly have just done in the whole tank like that?

Sorry to hear the bad news. I had almost a total crash last summer.. an anemone died while I was on a week long vacation. Took down the entire 90 gallon tank. I had only two fish survive. I have sworn off of anemones.

Try again !

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