Favorite Reef Products & Special Tips

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Favorite Reef Products & Special Tips

I’d say testing! Having good test kits goes a long way.
-Red Sea
All good brands
Also keeping hands out of the tank is definitely important. I try to put them in as infrequently as possible, who knows what stuff is on your hands!
I also use esv b ionic for mag, calcium and alkalinity.
The one about the hands is very good. Especially these days because if all the anti bacterial stuff for hands. That said, it's hard to find gloves the last year. I was able to find a like new pair of Coralife long reef gloves at Restore, secondhand store. They seem really good.

Mine would be that you do NOT have to make it complicated and expensive or "be" an expert, to start and keep a SW tank. But planning is critical.

And, that the more nuisance macroalgea like grape and feather Calurpa will indeed go sexual/ melt down on you at some point.
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