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Jan 18, 2009
Binghamton NY
I have 2 Emporer 400's going into my 80G bowfront and I was curious on what I should use for filters. Obviously the bio-wheels will stay, but after too much reading I'm getting the impression that the blue carbon filters are pretty much useless. I've been told I should replace those with a sponge filters and if I see the need for carbon I should just use one of the refillable cartridges.

So I guess my questions are any of this accurate? how do you guys set up your filters? What do you use in the refillable cartridges?

Thanks all
Do some reading on Purigen. It's a better option than carbon, it's rechargeable. You can get 250ml (enough for 250 gallons/6months avg) on ebay for around $15 delivered. Split that in half, recharge each half and it should last you years.

It's good stuff
First off, I dont think you need both filters on your tank. Second, Purigen is a good idea and make sure you get a good sponge filter for some mechanical and biological filtration. With the price you probably paid for the two Emporers you probably couldve spent a little more and gotten a canister filter...
Ya I know both are a bit over kill but I got both of the filters for $50 brand new in the box. Gotta love yard sales ;o) So I might as well use them.
Thanks for the advise on the Purigen. I look into that.
Any advise on a good sponge/foam to use? I'll have all 4 bio-wheels going so I'm not too concerned about bio-filters (is more better?)

Thanks all
I really dont think you can have too much bio filtration. But as far as mechanical goes look on or Big Al's, you should get a good idea of what you need and go out and find it at a local LFS to save on shipping...
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