filter media, what do you use?

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I have a fluval fx5, 2 fluval 404's and a fluval 304, all of which I use sponges, bio balls, plastic pot scrubbers, ceramic rings and floss.
cool, I'm just now getting ready to setup the cascade 700 and haven't really decide on all that I wanna put in there, I know i'm going with the coarse bio foma that came with it, filter floss, activated charcoal ( in media bag ) bio balls and rings and something for my nitrates and phosphates, just don't know what yet lol
Three Fluvals. In the baskets, the fluval ceramic coarse filter ceramic rings, then filter floss, then two baskets of porous biomedia. If you have enough mechanical filtration before your biomedia, it will never (?) need replacement.
Three Cascade canisters (two 1000 and one 1200) filled with ceramic rings, sponges, and filter floss.
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