Fish/tank safe paint/add on pvc n nozzles?

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Nov 28, 2005
Atl, GA
I've got a megaflow overflow, and the return on it needs to be extended out (and have a couple more outlets added).
I can see my tank from two sides, one side being a lower flooring, so I will be able to see the pvc extension from the overflow quite clearly.
I'd prefer it be black then white, as white would draw too much attention (ESPECIALLY with the moonlights going).

1. The overflow return has a mag12 on it atm, so I've got a decent amount of pressure coming out the curent Y connector. I'd like to T it at the current return exit, put the current Y on the front facing part of the T, ad about a 1.5ft section with an elbow and place an addition Y connector for two more outputs. On each of the Y's, there's be a standard fan nozzle and a Hydor (which limits the flow to an extent).
Would doing this provide too little pressure at the end of the pipe?
(i.e all the water simply going out the first Y only with but a trickle out the other Y)

2. What paints (available from a local hardware store) are tank/fish safe?
All I found for paint here on the forums was basically a brush on rubber that was cost prohibitive for this simple project.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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