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Aqua Pets in Omaha

I went to Aqua Pets at 108th and maple is a very nice store. They have large sea horses. But a bit of caution, all their fresh water aquariums had snails in them.

I am not a lobster expert but I was in the "Pet Barn" on North 16th street in Council bluffs and they had 2 large blue lobsters They are about 2 1/2" long. You could call them and ask how much they are. It is a nice clean store. Their phone is (712) 323-5263
Now i am very interested to go to see pet store.This sounds excellent.This last week come there and see.There is good fish stores in Nebraska.Different types of items are there.



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Nebraska Aquatic Supply is pretty nice, located on south 108th, a couple blocks north of L street. Fish Freaks is also a DECENT supplier located on... about 105th and Mockingbird. Fish Freaks is primarily a cichlid dealer. Best couple of shops that I have found in town.
Are there any on the western side of the state? More specifically, North Platte, Kearney, and/or Grand Island. The pet stores in North Platte are just okay, nothing to tell anyone about, although generally the guys at All Pets are really friendly and they are usually willing to help you find something you need either by ordering it or asking the locals. I've never been super impressed with their tanks, though.

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