Half blind betta?

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Jan 24, 2020
I don't know where else to ask about this sorry guys... At my local Petsmart I go and check on the bettas and have been familiar with a couple that are in stock. One of them is a not very nice looking male betta with, what looks like to me, only one functional eye. He's been there for about two weeks and I usually check on him when I go but today he's in a very filthy cup and just generally does not look good. I know I can't save every sad betta I see, but I might go pick him up tomorrow. Problem is I don't have a tank as of right now. Friday I could pick up what he needs. I can borrow a heater from my marine science teacher to make him more comfortable and I have a 1 gallon glass bowl which would be temporary. I've grown fond of this little guy. I'm sure I'm not the most qualified to care for him, but seeing him sideways In a tiny cup with week old water and food particles covering the bottom bothers me so much. Maybe you guys can talk some sense into me before I go grab him. I'm just not sure what to do.
Sorry not going to talk sense into you. I'd pick him up. Feeding may be difficult at first but if you have tongs you can spot feed him so he can find the food. It works best with blood worms or other frozen/live foods.
I don't think anything will change my mind. The least I can do is give him clean water until I get him a better setup. It's hard to shop at that store knowing they sit in those cups all week without water changes. I hope feeding won't be too hard since it looks like he does have one eye. I'll try researching things until I can go pick him up. It breaks my heart.
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