Hello I'm new here today.

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Nov 1, 2013
Normally, In A Tank!
I joined to answer a question I think I had the answer to. (y)
I have been a fish keeper since march 2005, I have kept mostly freshwater fish. I currently have 3 Freshwater & 1 brackish system(s).
I have 2 empty tanks one of which will be converted into my first reef system. Most of my tanks are DIY builds.
I have just finished building my second fish house, again DIY. I will be moving some more current stock in today. It is nearly finished! Then I can replenish my tanks with fish, I had to downsize my collection in order to move, now I can think about some new stock:brows:
My pet hate in this hobby is conflicting information from the same shop and poorly trained people selling wrong sized fish, normally algae eaters.
Hopefully I will be able to get some good advice on salt systems and share all of my experiences with like minded people.:thanks:
So do I! I've been waiting 8 years! :hide:
My shop and the people who took me there advised me to try freshwater first. I took that advice and I'm glad I did. I've read enough books on the subject and feel I know enough to get started, I have a few questions but they can wait until the system is built.
I was blown away by the lion fish P. Volitans and the flame angel C. Loricula.
The tank has been designed to house the green mandarin S. Splendidus. I know the lion fish, if I ever get one, will not be going in this tank.
Wow that shows patience, I think you'll do just fine. My other half is a bit of a "I want it now" kinda guy. He wanted a marine tank, 3 months later, we have one and learning every day!
Melosu thanks for the friend biz. I saw your tank it rocks. Too much for me though! I've done some messing on my page and now realise you may not have received the mini thanks post yesterday, so thanks, I love your tank.
Pepsi, you will always learn everyday,and when you think you know it all, you will learn something else!
Thanks. Just realize that is 15 yrs of work. It didn't happen overnite. You`ll be there before you know it.
Thanks. Just realize that is 15 yrs of work. It didn't happen overnite. You`ll be there before you know it.

I've done 8 years research, can I cash that in? :ROFLMAO:
I've spent a few notes on marine fish and coral books.
My plan is my old 250 converted to side sump baffle idea with an overhead ref of about 86 litre total vol around 50 where it counts. It will be about 198 litres display area.
Planned fish (common names sorry) springer demoiselle
Mandarin blennie, paired shrimp/goby, flame angel.
Not sure about corals, Xenia s. Hystrix, sun & bubble I like.
Nerites and trochus snails.
Deltec 1350, eheim 1048 or 1200 times 2
Max spect razor 120w.
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