HELP! Major tank meltdown!

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Jan 5, 2006
Naples, FL
I don't know what to do.

I have a 29gal with a clownfish and I had some type of polyp coral until last ngiht.

I just started the tank In dec-jan. I did a fishless cycle. Everything was fine. I had 20lbs of live sand, and 3 lbs of live rock (with plans to get more). About 2 days ago, the water started getting cloudy, I had 5gals of water mixed so I changed it. I left it for a few hours last night after changing it, and when I got back, there were critters everywhere...tiny little worms, little things i couldn't make out, small little creatures, some red worms with spikes ont them...all kinds of crap, GROWING IN MY ROOM (in the tank)! I started coughing since all this has been happening too. These creatures just came out of nowhere and my computer has been being repaired until right now soI couldn't get on here to figure out what to do.

So I dumped it. It was just getting worse and worse. I mixed a 5 gal bucket of saltwater, and put my clownfish in it. Then, I took all the water out of the tank, all the sand, all the rock, EVERYTHING scrubed one of the two HOB filters changed all the media, and put it all back together
(just the one filter) just like a new tank. I understand that would force me to go through the Ncycle again but I had no other choice. My fish was on the top of the water gasping for breath, my 5 snails I thought were dead becuase they were just sitting there and these worms were all over them. I figured the root was microscopic so my temporary fix was to rid the aquarium of everything.

That I finished at 3 am this morning/lastnight. Now, everything was doing ok from what I could gather. I fed the fish, I had to work at 10, got back at 430, and now my water is getting cloudy as hell again. Just like the first stages of before. I don't know what to do. My fish is breathing really really fast, and my coral is dead.

I just took these:
PH: ~7.8
Ammo: between .50-1.0
NO3: looks like 0? MAYBE 5.0?

What do I do? Is there anything I can do? SOME ONE PLEASE HELP ME! What is going on?
Oh yea, and when I finished last night, I wasn't coughing, and now that its back, I'm coughing again (could just be me?)
that ammonia is way to high do a water change about 2-3 gallons of water, the tiny worms are nothing to worry about it is your tank maturing, now you took out everything the tank could go into a cycle again i just cycled my 25 gallon last week and have 2 clownfish and aneon goby i did a fishless cycle for 3 weeks patience is the key
tose are bristle worms hitchkers from the live rock, they wont hurt any fish but i would try to get them out of the tank, where is the clown now in a 5agallon bucket?
no...back in the tank...but the whole thing is starting over....really really really cloudy at this point.
cloudy is that when you put the water back into the tank? stirring things up will cause this for about a day or 2, first lets say the clown change the water out with fresh ro/di water that is the same salinty of your tank, your tank is deffinty going through a cycle, the only way to help it is to do water changes eveyday till the your ammonia is 0 and nitrite is 0
Your fish will not make it with those water params. Is there a LFS that will hold your clown while you do another cycle.
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