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Mar 22, 2014
Hi, I'm Lisette and reside in NYC. I've had a betta fish named Emmett for a little over 2 years and decided I wanted to upgrade. I was given a 10gallon tank it has a filter and heater but I fear it's overstocked after doing some research after the fact.

I followed the advice of from 2 different petlands.

Currently the tank holds
2 baby bala fish
4 male guppies
1 highfin pleco

How long can I keep them in this setting before I have to upgrade.

Who can stay in the 10gallon after the upgrade?

Thanks a million!
Well, the bala fish are going to get HUGE. You are going to need a really big tank for them. If the highfin pleco is a common, it will also get huge. Both fish will get over one foot long. Bala sharks are incredibly active and it's debated on whether they are really suitable for aquariums at all given their adult size and activity level. The guppies would probably do ok, as long as no other fish were added.
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