Hi all this is my first message on my converted reef tank

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Dec 22, 2012
As you can see im new to all this, i just want to say a bit about myself, my name is merv and im been doing marine again for about two month, i had marine before so im not new to it that way,it all started again really on my, should i say it!! on my 50th birthday, my son and daughter got me this biorb 60lt freshwater tank for a present, anyway i set it up a few weeks later, and had guppies in it, it was ok but i knew this was not for me i had to do marine again, like they say once you done marin you can't go back to freshwater fish, so true!!!!, so i had the bug again and as the tank was a present i had to use it as it ment a lot to them, so i had to think alot about it and how to make it work, so here im am up and running with my 60lt biorb converted reef tank, and its looking great with sump and wavemakers ect, all nice and neat, with live rock and two clownfish at moment,im going for a reef look now as i have had big tanks with fast fish before, so this is a challenge for me, alot of people said it wont work but it has i think and is looking fantasic its the focal point in the house!!. thanks merv.:)
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